Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I can't believe it! I've been published!!!!

Now that I've recovered from the shock and have stopped buzzing around long enough to post, I have to have a bit of proud moment here. I've been published! In the current issue of Crafts 'n' Things, in the Design Focus section (p. 99), is my card showcasing the Faux Batik technique. I originally submitted this card to The Rubber Stamper Magazine, but it was bought by the company that publishes Crafts 'n' Things.

Last week sometime we got a big white envelope from Amos Publishing, but I thought it was a book that we were to get from Scientific American for renewing a subscription so I ignored it. It's been languishing in the pile of mail which got tidied today in anticipation of some stamping buddies coming over tonight. I thought I would open this package and put it away to give to my dad for his birthday (is it too late for a spoiler alert? probably, but chances are fairly remote that he reads this blog and I'm sure my mother will edit the details of this post in her verbal report). When I opened it, I found the Crafts 'n' Things magazine, and I was wondering why on earth this would arrive in the mail, addressed to me. Could it be some sort of surprise gift subscription or something???? Then it dawned on me that they send free magazines to people who have submissions published. A whirlwind thumb-through revealed my card! Let's just say my small daughters were delighted with the shrieking and the jumping and the carrying on which is normally discouraged indoors.

How exciting! Thanks for allowing me this immodest moment :-)


  1. Oh, How exciting! Congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations.....Very Very exciting.