Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mail art

No picture today. My computer is on the blink again. Once again we heard her dulcet tones calling out "CPU failure!" "CPU failure!". Since we put a Do Not Resuscitate order on it after its last bid for the eternal boot-up, it's looking like it's time for a new computer. All this to say that I don't have any photos of cards to post and even more annoying is that the computer has locked away forever my instructions for the cards I am supposed to be teaching this Saturday at Heather's. Grr. I can always do a forensic analysis of the cards, but it can be hard to figure out exactly which colours I used, etc. Especially now that I do class handouts, I don't tend to try to remember things too well. Looks like it's back to CSI: Stampcave for me! (Careful Stamp Investigation, that is.)

In other news, I have been dabbling in mail art (if one thing counts as mail art). Or more specifically, I tried one project and really enjoyed it and have decided to try it out some more. (I did take a scan of it, but read above para to discover its fate.) If you are interested in being a mail art recipient, please send me an email me your address at the link at the above right then (and this is important), please comment here to tell me you've done that. In case I am at a loss for mail art themes, you could also give me a colour, noun, favourite song, any kind of theme really, and I will see what I can do. International is ok too, especially because it really is fun to see where people visit my blog from. An important caution: I am a terrible mailer of things. So don't expect something right away. Instead, plan on this being a delightful surprise, arriving in the mail long after you'd forgotten you'd even emailed me. There's a very slim chance you might get something right away, then you can rush out and buy a lottery ticket because that would definitely be your day to beat the odds.

I'd love to hear from you!

EDITED TO ADD: I don't think my email actually shows up anywhere on this blog. I'm not sure exactly how to add it, so I will put it here in the hopes that blog-patrolling spam monsters won't find it in my secret "clumsy code". Here goes: kdaley 8 underscore 8 stamps 8 atsymbol 8 yahoo 8 point 8 ca [and where you see space-8-space here, don't put them in], or you can just leave your mailing address in the comment box. It seems unlikely that the bad guys are reading my blog to solicit mailing addresses for junk mail when magazine subscriptions and charitable donations will do the trick instead! And one other note, if you assume I already have your address, you may not be aware that my address book is playing hide and seek and is currently winning. So I can only get addresses of Canada 411. sigh. Although I know I'd love to be one of those super organized people that always knows where things are, I know I'd hate to be one of those people that spends all my time cleaning, tidying, and organizing. Life's all about tradeoffs, isn't it. And I will trade a nice cold beer and an episode of Doc Martin for a clean closet any day.

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  1. hey K, you'll have to let me know how you broke your computer in order to get a new one, I've been trying but this one seems to be unbreakable. Yes, send me a mail-art. It will make up for the birthday card thing. Decided to take up Japanese book-binding as new hobby. Will tell you all about it.