Friday, 2 July 2010

Bitter end of tedious string of title-less posts

Woops - forgot to put titles on the last few posts, then tried to spell title-less without a hyphen and decided that it was too risky - could get shut down for naughty words in title. That would never do!

Here's the brown box, open. The full chit chat and link to Jackie Topa's pattern is here. I just checked her blog and it turns out that this pattern was recently made into a tutorial on splitcoast stampers! I'll have to post these projects there. But not right now - kidlets want me to watch a scary part of Ratatouille with them. As if eggplant isn't scary enough - they have to add rats!!!
Thanks for sticking with me through this litany of posts. I should call the whole ensemble "Stationery Kits in Excrutiating Detail".

1 comment:

  1. I, too, got hooked on the Stationary box tutorials when I saw them; I've made 5 of them and mailed them to friends just for the fun of it cuz I just loved this box set so much! I think I love your brown set the most; the colors look so good together!