Sunday, 25 July 2010

Gothic Arch #11 Paint

Edited to add: oops - accidentally posted this without the picture. Not sure what combination of keystrokes happened, but anyway, here is the photo. I didn't crop it down because I liked the weathered wood backdrop for this one.

Here's my arch for the Inkurable Stampers #11 Gothic Arch challenge, to use paint. I used paint in a couple of places: first, for the background of the door. I took a long time to paint various colours of watercolour crayon over it in shades of brown, adding green, blue, yellow and red to liven it up. It did look pretty good, but I always find watercolour crayons a bit subdued for my liking, so I sponged over with distress inks, and wound up covering up the "Art" quote (Quietfire Designs stamp). There is also paint on the grungeboard "hinge". Any carpenters out there, please don't quibble about the one-hinge door, which is likely to swing open and fall over, crushing the hapless visitor. Hinge-counting naysayers might also fault the lack of knob or latch, but I will point out the keyhole - this door opens by key only. And possibly by incantation (I haven't tried).

Back to the door: I coloured the background (described above) then added some lines and "nails" with a brown pencil crayon. Then I stamped on the image (Stampers Anonymous) and coloured it in with Tombows, accented with white gel pen. The keyhole diamond is popped up. For accents, I used the grungeboard fleur-de-lis, cut down from a longer length. It had been painted with brown and black Adirondack paint, and a bit of gold lumiere. When it was all done, I felt it needed something more, so I popped in the brad at the top and did a border of Dimensional Pearls (Espresso) all the way around. The brad was pewter so I coloured it with a Copic to fit in with the scheme a bit more.

I'm quite pleased with how this one turned out. It was fun to colour over paint - the markers really did well there. This is also a favourite image, and one I don't use as often as I'd like to.

Well, bathtime for the kidlets! Time to get the paint from daycamp this week off their arms....

Happy stamping!

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  1. Love all the arches you made, but this one must be my favorite!