Monday, 26 July 2010

Gothic Arch #9 Asia

Here's another Gothic Arch for the Inkurable Stampers' Gothic Arch challenges. This one has an Asian theme. I love doing projects in an Asian theme, and I had this image (Stamp Barn/PEO 016 L, available from Heather's Stamping Haven) pre-stamped in my basket from another project. It was on white paper, so I distressed it a bit to make it look more parchment-y, and added the gold dots in the corners. (That's why it was rejected in the first place - it needed to be stamped on parchment paper, not white.) I also trimmed and mounted it on black. The arch itself is made from poppy cardstock, with edges sponged in Fired Brick. I stamped the Kanji symbol for tranquility (Stampin' Up) on it in gold ink, and added a panel of Yuzen Washi paper with a crane design. There wasn't a crane where I wanted it, and I had one cut out from another project, so I glued it in the corner where it will show. All the scroll-y lines on this paper are the most wonderful gold, and all the images are outlined in gold as well. It's very sumptuous looking. I thought about adding more, but decided that more was less in this case, and I should just let the tea party and the Midas-fondled backdrop carry the load.

BTW, I know that for these challenges we are not supposed to use other projects, but really the geishas were rejected for another project and just waiting for a home. So it's not really double-dipping on projects - it's giving an orphaned image a home.

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