Saturday, 10 July 2010

Chit Chat Vol II

If you are here for stamped projects, please move along, I'm afraid I don't have anything for you today. However, there are many other wonderful blogs out there to whet your inky appetites. Might I suggest Stamping Mathilda or Jennifer McGuire, two of my personal faves.

This is a quick post to say I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just that it's been a whole lot of "NSR" lately (Nothing Stamp Related). That's not strictly true: I have one Father's Day card to post that is not posted yet because not mailed (shockingly late, or, even more shockingly early - either way can't post till Dad gets it). I also have another couple of cards that haven't been mailed yet, plus another card that's too wet to scan and it will be gone tomorrow. So I guess there has been a bit of stamping, just nothing to post yet. For someone who makes so many cards, I am shamefully delinquent at actually mailing them.

Also, it's been a bit nutty, in a good way, around here. On July 1st, DH and I headed downtown with the kiddies to take them to see the Queen. We got really lucky and were right by the barricades so could have a view of Her Majesty through the window of her car as she drove away. We also saw her as she inspected the Guard, and we could see the top of her hat during the ceremonies. It was a huge thrill for all of us. I loved the bag pipe band and the fly pasts and the mounted guard, the whole pomp and circumstance. Very exciting.

Then this Tuesday DH and I were off to Bluesfest to see Iron Maiden. Not exactly a blues band, but a rockin' good show despite the heat. There were a lot of songs I didn't know (who knew they'd put out so much stuff in the last 20 years????) but their encore was full of classic Maiden. It was fantastic. Boiling, sweltering, meltingly hot, but fantastic. And yet another expedition downtown in the space of a week to pack ourselves into a crowd to see British people. Interesting theme. Not sure what it means, or if either British party would appreciate being thusly themed by me.

I don't have pictures ready of either event: royal pictures prob'ly not great and still trapped in camera, rock 'n' roll pictures non-existent as camera strap would have been an unbearably hot additional layer to wear. I would like to go see Arcade Fire on Tues at Bluesfest, and tried to get DH to win tickets off the radio this morning, but he slept through the contest. Sigh. It feels like he would have won for certain now. I'm trying somewhat unsuccessfully not to be cross about it. I do realize that it is irrational to be cross about this, but that has never stopped me before, and is unlikely to start any time soon. Poor DH.

The other thing that has me "busy" is the World Cup. I love it!! I am totally hooked. I have gone from knowing only one thing about soccer ("no hands") to being glued to every game (still don't know too much about the rules though!). It's fantastic. What a sport! Now I see what all the millions and billions are on about. It's so exciting, the plays, the acrobatics, the agony, the drama. Incredible. Tomorrow is the match for 3rd place, and we will for sure watch the final on Sunday. Then I will have to figure out how to keep watching this stuff. I hope we won't need a new channel on the tv, we'll see. Also, taking watching soccer could seriously cut into stamping time, and I don't know if regular season play will be interesting enough to cut it. I do realize that the World Cup is the best of the best (and still includes some real clangers). Will I be interested in the most ordinary of the ordinary? We'll have to see.

Anyway, that's enough of the chit chat. I just had an idea for some mail art that I want to go try. But it's quarter to one in the morning. Sigh. I'll have to make it quick....

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  1. Glad you're enjoying the 'beautiful game'. I'm from the west coast originally where lots of people love the game but I'v felt quite alone and very guilty watching the play out here. Thanks for easing the guilt. I'm sorry you couldn't make the 17 July class. My daughter and I were looking forward to it. Nimmy