Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Groovy bus

I'm back, well sort of. I'm trying out our new set up. We have a new monitor and DH has not been able to adjust the settings so the colour looks anything like real life on the screen. I'm hoping that once this goes out through cyberspace and appears on your screen, it will look right. (Our old monitor died and DH said it couldn't be fixed.) Now we are stuck with a new one that he claims works fine. It is driving me crazy, however, and the only thing I like to do on the computer is a big drag now. So, the down side is less blog surfing and blog posting for me because it's a big pain. The upside is more stamping.
Enough moaning! In real life this is very bright and cheerful. The hearts are bright pink, the bus is bright purple, and the flowers are turquoise. The card base is a nice bright pinky purple, a bit brighter than SU's Orchid Opulence.
I couldn't resist this cute little bus from A Muse and I coloured it up in a yellow and orange scheme using crayons and odourless mineral spirits. I thought this bead garland background (Judikins) would be the perfect thing for it, and I was busy stamping it with my bright Big & Juicy pad, when I dropped the bus on the inky stamp. So much for my yellow and orange bus. It has a happy ending, though, since I really like this colour scheme much better.
The message stamp is by Stamp Barn and the hearts are A Muse too. The bus is festooned with stickles in a whole bunch of colours to match the colours on the bus. Very twinkly. It's popped up too. This will be a great card to cheer up someone who is already quite cheerful. I think if I gave it to someone who was a bit down, it would be a bit too overpowering. I'm thinking about adding some stickles to the background. Too much???? Maybe just Stardust (see through).
Well, I will try to overcome my aversion to the new monitor and post every so often, but it's this awful big flat screen contraption that's too bright and the colours are all washed out. I hate it. Oops, I was supposed to stop moaning!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Karen, I love it and it shows up in the right colours on my monitor which is just a simple model...oops, should I have said that? It is a beautifully cheerful card. Shirley