Thursday, 15 April 2010

Funky Dandelions

I made this card for Bellarific Friday and for a friend of mine who is anything but beige. She could use a little TLC right now, so this should be just the ticket.
I got the idea for this technique from a class I took from the amazing, one and only Krista Schneider last summer. You basically just stamp a solid botanical silhouette repeatedly in different colours. Fun and easy!
I'm not sure if I could list all the colours, but here are most: Blue Lagoon, Azurite, Blackberry (my new favourite chalk ink!), Red Lipstick, Lime pastel Colorbox Fluid Chalk, SU Crushed Curry, Memories Mango. The sentiment, also Stamping Bella is embossed in black and matted on some crushed curry paper. The brads are Stampin' Up from the bold brights and earth elements collections (old olive, tempting turquoise and real red). I did a panel to match inside using just the curry and mango (ooh -that sounds yummy!) and also the envelope.
I made another card for Bellarific Friday using Wasabi Ketto in soothing shades of celadon. I'll post that another day. I had finished that one and came out to post it but DH was using the computer typing up "urgent" minutes (as in if I don't type them now I will forget everything)from a church meeting he was at. So, I was "forced" to go back and do some more stamping. I really like how this turned out. I tinkered a bit with Paintshop Pro to spruce up the colours on my monitor. Hopefully this won't blow out your retinas on a normal monitor. DH is going to tinker a bit more with our settings as he now realizes that I care that Real Red card stock displays as Pukey in Pink.
NSR: A funny daycare story. Apparently my 3-year-old daughter (4 next month yikes!) got into a singing duel with the 3-year-old boy the other day. He was singing Mighty Machines, and so she decided that the way to get him to stop was to drown him out with the Easter anthem that DH and DD1 sang on Easter Sunday. So there she was belting out "Halleluiah! Sing praise to the Lord/His kingdom shall endure forever" while he was bellowing the Mighty Machine theme song. Hilarious. This is also the girl who was singing the Alleluia chorus in the grocery store today.
PS Has anyone seen my linen twine? It vanished between now and last week. I also had a bit of a panic since I couldn't find any of my Stamping Bella stamps. I have a few and I remembered watching Midsomer Murder while I trimmed and EZ-mounted them and organized them into some new wonderful storage system. However, I totally blanked out on the new system. I found the stash of empty ziplock baggies where they used to be. I was totally stumped for (I was about to say how long, but it's too embarrassing) ******** when I remembered! I got some empty stamp cases from Stampin' Up and they are perfect for cling mounted stamps. They are the size of DVD cases and I wrote on the spines what they are. Must have been a good episode of Midsomer Murder. Actually, it was really great - the whole theme was old-fashioned photography versus digital. It was bordering on comedy, right down to this sequence of photographer 'thugs' walking in a mob, swinging their little pocket diggies in a very 'menacing' fashion. The camera duel was won by the real camera guy since the diggie-camera guy's batteries ran out and he had to leave the gala exhibit in shame.

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