Friday, 2 April 2010

Blogging update

Hello! I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that my computer recently suffered a near-death experience. Did you know that your computer will suddenly start shouting "CPU FAILURE! CPU FAILURE!"? I didn't either. I was much happier that way. Part of me thinks it's a bit funny (the part that loved the movie "The Russians are Coming!"). I mean what on earth was that programmer thinking to get a computer to do this? I guess it is slightly less sadistic than the dialogue box that says "Your computer has executed a fatal error and all your work is about to be lost. Forever. Beyond the retrieval of mortal men and tech support. Click "Ok" to continue." WTF? This is soooo not "ok". Anyway the shouts from the brink were similarly panic inducing.

The good news is that my resident IT guy (aka DH) was able to bring our computer out of its coma and we now have email and internet and my little Webkinz addict can spin her wheel of wow. (You will either understand this, my sympathies, or you won't, so enjoy your blissful ignorance.)

The bad news is that our computer suffered some permanent amnesia as a result of this experience, and we have no address book, I can't scan in pictures, and I am trying not to panic about all the other missing data files, which DH claims weren't lost, and they are only hiding. (Note to self, try to trust DH, even though this is clearly about a Computer Situation and therefore not to be trusted at all under any circumstance.) The monitor also seems to be on the blink (and taking it literally) as it flashes on and off, periodically contracting in from the sides. Now I'm no computer expert, but this doesn't seem like a good sign. At least it hasn't started shouting at me yet!

So there you have it. I am somewhat on-line, though unable to blog my creations. This is really bad news since in the last several days I have stamped my way through heights of heretofore unachieved brilliance. You will just have to take my word for it ;-)

Actually, the last few days have involved working overtime (totally NSR [not stamping related] so not fun at all) and two barfing children. For example, Wednesday night involved baking 3 batches of muffins for a meeting at work that my team couldn't even go to (and they didn't save us any! the leftovers went to the kitchen and were snaffled up instantly), 1 laundering of duvet, 2 changes of blankets, 2 changes of pillow, 3 changes of sheets, 4 changes of pyjamas, one change of my clothes, and 2 baths of DD2. Needless to say, our front loader was humming and we were grateful for a wonderful clothesline day on Thursday.... DD1 came down with similar last night, so it was another fun night, but she's older so it wasn't nearly so exciting. So it hasn't exactly been a lot of glamour-stamping around here, which is too bad because it would have been a lot more fun. On the upside, I'm doing a class at Heather's tomorrow morning and am looking forward to spending a great morning with some really great ladies. We're doing the Hothouse Hibiscus Times Three, with a great Hero Arts image done three ways (it's called "Large Flower" - sounded too dull so I called it Hothouse Hibiscus, hope I don't get sued....). Anyway, it will be a great class! I will also be doing a class next Saturday at Heather's using my new Tim Holtz stamps.

Well, DH has told me he is finished watching his program about why Pluto should still be a planet. (Why he bothers when there are countless episodes of Midsomer Murder and Nigella taped, I don't know, but I guess there needs to be some perq for him when I'm out at work for the evening....I guess I should be grateful he cozies up with some astronomical debate or his favourite show about digging holes instead of who knows what else is on cable tv on a Friday night....)

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  1. Hope cpu is feeling better soon. Can't wait to see all the stamping done while you've been off-line. I bet it's gorgeous! - Nimmy