Friday, 1 January 2010

Second Tag of Christmas

Here's my tag for the second tag of Christmas, inspired by this one by Tim Holtz. I used the same colour scheme, and kept the distress-embossed frame motif, using corner elements to suggest a frame. (I tried one with a frame, but it didn't work out - that last extra thing I tried just didn't work, and the next thing I did to salvage it made it worse, so it got used for testing and cut up on future tags.) I used the same steps as Tim (are we on a first name basis now???) to create the background and the droplets of gold perfect pearls. I didn't have the metal hardware for the accents, so I kept this one flat - would be good for mailing or a bookmark. (DD1 has been eyeing the tags, wistfully remarking about her current dearth of bookmarks, so maybe this will go to her.)

NSR: We had a great day today. I had a huge sleep in, which was a real treat, then I went downtown to serve sandwiches at the Bishop's Levee, following the service. It was our parish's turn to host the reception and there were sandwiches, hot appetizers, tea & coffee, punch, sherry and wine for 350 to be served. It was quite the do! Then home again to go tobogganning with the kiddies. It was a lot of fun, then a picnic in front of the TV with a movie, then kidlets went to bed and DH and I played the new game he got for Christmas, a strategy game based on Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It's a really good game, which is good because I don't have a great track record for picking good board games. This one was fun, with lots of possibilities. And it won Game of the Year. Now it's time for a quick blog post - a great day!

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