Friday, 10 September 2010


Same layout, same stamp cube, different colour palette, different looks! These were fun little images to colour, and so easy using the colour guide I got to go with them. I also borrowed the layout from a Christmas class I took with Krista Schneider. These images are from Sunshine Designs, available at Heather's Stamping Haven or through The Stamp Barn. If you're interested in some great colouring classes, Krista will be back at Heather's at the end of October. I'm signed up and I can't wait! The projects are always wonderful and Krista is an excellent teacher.

The top card is in a spring palette, and with the colour of the flower, I went with background papers from the Kioshi pack (BasicGrey), and sentiment is a rub on.

The bottom card is more fall-inspired uses the Indian Summer pack (BasicGrey), with another rub on. Fortunately I noticed that I had stamped "may every part of your birthday have happy in it" on the inside of the card that says "thank you" on the outside and was able to cover it up with a liner.
I would really be a force to be reckoned with if I had come with both halves of the wit....

NSR: we had our intake interview with the Kindergarten teacher today. She seems really great and DD2 had a good time checking out her classroom. The province's intake form is about 8 pages long and requires you to remember things like your child's first word (and date), first two-word phrase (and date), and first sentence (and date). I put "good grief, child #2, have no idea". It turns out these are official Ministry forms that get put on the child's official record. Lovely. I hope they file it under "Parent with sense of proportion" not under "Potential dissident with little respect for authority manifested in disregard for official forms".
Speaking of dissidents, I have several bees in my bonnet at the moment. In no particular order:
- am boycotting Newell-Rubbermaid and their legion subsidiaries for discontinuing Laurentian pencil crayons
- am livid with Rogers for their abysmal cable service. They claim that our broken PVR is just a bad signal. We had the cable guy a while ago tell us that our signal was the best he's ever seen. Who do I believe - the guy with the tools or the tool at the call centre? Hmm. Now we have to be home on Sunday afternoon to wait for cable guy.
- They are assigning parking spots in the garage at work, in order of who pays for their monthly pass. I like parking to the right, away from the pillars, on the end near my work, not near the other office building and not in the basement and not at the top. The odds of me getting that spot by chance seem slim. They have given no reason for this change, so this sort of arbitrary upheaval really gets on my nerves. Luckily the guy who owns the garage is some sort of real estate magnate so he is likely to be quite sympathetic to our pleas for the status quo.
- PVR/Rogers woes mean I will lose those new episodes of Hustle I never got to see, the episodes from the new season of Spooks and a couple of Inspector Lewises. I know it's only TV, but I don't watch it all the time and I like to have some guaranteed good shows to watch of an evening to unwind. Yes, there are a few shows I can watch On Demand, assuming the On Demand is working, which it frequently isn't, and demand as I might, not all the shows I want are available on demand. (One of the deceptions of advertising. I guess "On Occasion" didn't test well in the focus groups.)
Well there you have it. Good thing I have stamping or I would be a total basket case!

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