Sunday, 15 May 2011

Happy Birthday!

Quick post today, and nothing stampy. It's DD2's birthday party today and I am madly flapping around trying to get ready. (As you can see by me procrastinating, posting to my blog.) So this is mainly why no stamping is happening this week. Only cleaning and tidying and party preparations.

We are doing a Ladybug Picnic, but it's raining (that was sooo not in my plans) so everything is indoors. I love nothing better than large groups of children in a bungalow for two hours.... I have orchestrated the schedule so that the sugary treats will be plied shortly before they go home. I made a very cute ladybug cake, quite easy if the look you are going for is amateur-chic. I just used a 9x13" pan and lopped off some corners to make a ladybug shape and iced with black and red icing. I got the no-taste red, so it's not completely vile. And we'll do some games (the classics) and songs and a craft. Egg carton ladybugs involving paint. Hubby was a bit dismayed by that plan until I told him paint was better than buying 8 red and 8 black markers for the kids at $5 each. He wisely avoided mentioning I could have chosen another craft that didn't need markers. I think he was still reeling from my reaction to his suggestion that I not make the cake "disgusting". Anyway, another few hours and this will all be a distant memory. In the meantime, we will joyfully celebrate that happy day when my dear little girl was born. And then collapse in a heap.


  1. Hope the party went well and you survived the day!
    I had a giggle at your husband's comment to you re the cake. I would have told mine to make it if he thought he could do better! LOL!
    At the end of the day....the kids would love the cake no matter how it turned out.
    Hope you are going to show some pics.

  2. Oh my gosh...Karen, thanks for the Monday morning laugh! I'm certain your cake wasn't too "disgusting" and that a grand time was had by all. What an awesome mom you are. :)