Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Floral wedding card - NOT!

Grr. Grrr. Am trying to upload a picture so I can blog about it, but blogger won't let me. Is it some recent 'upgrade' that won't let me? Or is blogger on the blink again? Grrr.. Have no patience to try to figure this out, so will go and stamp instead. Only that ticks me off too, since they've cancelled Studio 93 at 9 pm and moved it to Saturday nights instead. Which is fine, except I don't listen to the radio on Saturday night. Usually we watch a movie or something. Weekday evenings is when I listen to the radio while I stamp. It was a wonderful system. There was no need to change it. I must quickly become a billionaire so I can take over the radio station in a bloodless coup and reinstate the program. In the meantime, this may be the incentive I need to figure out how to work my MP3 player. Nevermind, that ranks right up there with trying to figure out how to fix blogger and/or computer settings.


  1. lol always make me laugh.

    Why try and fix things when its not broken ay. These radio people have no clue lol

    Fingers crossed blogger is a little more friendly towards your images tomorrow xx

  2. is your image RGB and the corrrect file size just double checking, blogger is funky at the best of times, can't wait to see.