Sunday, 22 August 2010

Collage #2

Here's my second collage for the Collage Coterie. The lesson here was to use chalk on vintage images and charcoal pencil. I don't have a charcoal pencil, so I left the image whole, mounted on brown cardstock (Early Espresso, SU). I made this into a card, since I am trying to build a stash for our church bazaar. Since I was trying to make a usable piece, I chose clipped words that were nice instead of some of the more ....unsuitable.... options that occurred to me as I browsed my old book to clip words. I had felt a bit bad about cutting up a book, but as I browsed, I realized it is a terribly dreary novel and about time someone put it to good use. So I felt a lot better about clipping it up.
The background of the collage is strips of various pieces of designer paper from an old SU pack, I forget the name, but it's really pretty Baja Breeze and textured, with kraft. I inked it with Antique Linen to change the white tones to vanilla, and also used a page from the novel for the "words" element. There's some gesso on there, to unify and subdue (now if only that worked in real life!) as well as some circles sponged in with sequin waste. (I have advised my family not to be still for too long or they will find themselves sponged with sequin waste. They have been warned!) I had some lace in my stash, so on that went, and a die cut flourish, and button/flower embellie. I enhanced the flourish with some rock candy stickles so it has some shimmer in real life.
I might get hooked on collage! I have to confess that it's nice to get into collage and finally use some of the things I've been saving in case I ever do a collage.
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NSR: We watched Gunless last night, a great Western/comedy starring Paul Gross. I recommend it. Some good laughs and a reasonable plot. Hubby gave it 3.5 out of 5, I gave it a solid 4. However, if your tastes run to CGI, this movie isn't for you and the only explosion occurs off screen. Some great scenery, galloping horses (always a hit with me), and Paul Gross. What more could you ask for? I do have to say, though, that his teeth are implausibly white for the old west. But it could just be some sort of ironic joke that escaped me. Though it would have been more fitting to have the Mountie have the dazzling white teeth than the outlaw. Just saying. We also watched Mist with the youngsters. It's a sheepdog movie, with real life sheepdogs on a real life farm. Sort of documentary but with a story voiced over. And praise be, they didn't CGI the animals mouths to move. I'd recommend that one too, if your tastes run to sheepdog movies.

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  1. Love it. I love your ATC too. I think I could pick out your work at a hundred pieces - easy. I'm such a groupie! I ran over and signed up for the collage class. I hope your leadership will always be in the 'right' direction. Thanks Karen. As usual your blog always puts a smile on my face - Nimmy