Sunday, 12 October 2008

Pretty, pretty butterfly

This has to be my current favourite card. I love the colours, I love the sparkle, and I love the beads. It's just so pretty! I had a very special person in mind when I made it and I can't wait to give it to her.

I was on a mission to get some mileage out of this set before I sold it, and making two of these cards with individual flowers all coloured in different (6!) colours fit the bill. I love the set, but I could bear to part with it :-)

I used Tombows to colour the flowers in shades of turquoise, green, pink and purple. When I had it done, I realized it went perfectly with my Euphoria pack of patterned paper. (I'd like to be the sort of stamper that plans this kind of thing in advance, but I usually colour away and then try to find something to go with it. Oh well, I cook like that to - assemble the ingredients I have on hand and then hit google to find a recipe for hamburger, Dijon mustard, pickled beets and frozen corn. Luckily this card worked out better than the average dinner around here lol.)

This little butterfly was so pretty, it needed to be accented with some sakura glitter pen and seed beads here and there. The other details were added with a lot of layers (why have one layer when you could have 7?) and some pretty ribbons. The opening was scalloped and some coordinating Eurphoria paper put inside (it's scalloped too). This was not one of those cards that was finished in 10 minutes, but it's not for an ordinary person.

What follows is some chit chat from my life, so if you only want the card deets, skip to the bottom. If you want to read about our Thanksgiving weekend, keep going :-)

It's Thanksgiving weekend here and the weather is glorious. We had our big turkey feast yesterday at my brother's house. Mmmm it was fabulous. My sister-in-law's table was gorgeously decorated, she has such a flair for that sort of thing. Her meal was phenomenal, such a gift of time and love for all of us, as always. My mother made our family favourite, the world's best pumpkin pie. It puts all others to shame. Seriously. And I contributed the green salad. Lest you think this was a healthy contribution, it's a pale green foamy confection comprised mainly of cream cheese, marshmallows and whipping cream, with some pears and lime jello thrown in. For those of you who think you don't like jellied salad, you will be converted. But I can't share the recipe or my aunt's sister-in-law will have me whacked. The only thing I missed was stuffing with Mt. Scio savoury in it. I was an instant convert the first time I had it, years ago when my roommates from Newfoundland made it for me. DH is a Newfoundlander too so we always have Mt. Scio savoury in our stuffing, and I even add it to dumplings in chicken stew. (I'm actually not a bad cook, despite my earlier remarks.)

Today we took the kids to a local pumpkin patch. The car ride was hellish (DD2 should have been having a nap and was just rotten) but once we got there, the girls had fun. Their favourite thing was the pile of straw bales to climb on. (It did make me wonder why we bothered moving a van load of wood and reassembling the play structure when we could have piled up a dozen bales of straw instead....) They hoovered up a lot of apples and I turned a blind eye to the number of times DD2 (who is 2) dropped her apple and kept eating it. I figured the straw was a bit of extra roughage. We got some lovely squashes and the farmer assured me they would keep till Christmas if stored in a cool spot. I look forward to torturing my family with nutritious winter squash for several months to come....hehehehe..... (There do have to be some perks to motherhood after all! They can torment me in the car, but I am in charge of supper!!!! bwahahahaha )

Supplies: Stamps: Reason to Smile, Riveting; Ink: none - Tombow markers + SU marker in Rose Red; Paper: Whisper White, Pretty in Pink, Rose Red, Spring Moss (PTI), Euphoria (Basic Grey); Other: seed beads, sakura glitter pen, ribbon (SU, other), SU punches: scalloped edge, 1 3/8" circle, 1 1/4" circle.

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