Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bad, bad blogger

I am such a bad blogger. I neglect my faithful readers (my apologies to both of you!) for ages, and when I finally post, I frighten you with a title like "Farewell Card", conjuring thoughts of my imminent retirement from stamping. Bad, bad blogger! And now I'm going to add to my list of crimes by telling you that I've been stamping feverishly all week and haven't taken any pictures. Gasp. What was I thinking! I can only tell you that these creations were unlike any hitherto seen on splitcoast or blog land. They were amazingly beautiful, stunning in their composition, flawless in their execution, and inspired in their symphony of colours and textures. I'm so sorry you won't get to see them, but you'll have to take my word for it that they would have been front page material. [snort!]

I made an On Board Journal and matching survival kit for my team member who's deploying. I had to give it to her on her last day of work and going away lunch and if I had made it earlier than the night before said lunch, I could have taken pictures. I used the Porcelain Prints paper for both and she really liked them.

I also made a couple of horse-y cards for a friend of mine in exchange for lending me her horse stamp set (Bareback). Those were fun to do. One card was a great use of scraps (but you can't tell it from looking) and the other was a self-indulgent use of as much stamping gear as I could cram into the card. I'll have to make another card like it and post it because I made the most fabulous paper with Perfect Pearls. It made me swoon, but then I do tend to get a bit carried away when admiring my own work. Or at least when I'm not throwing it out and starting again! (Don't believe the bit about me throwing things out. That's a metaphor for me putting it in my scrap box until some unspecified future time when I want to use old, ugly, dogeared, stamped-on paper for a card instead of new, fresh, smooth, clean paper.)

Well, before I get booed out of blog land for trying to be as funny as Jan TInk and Joan B, I'll say good night and leave you with the mental images of my fabulous cards. I'll have my stamp club projects to post soon, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for them in case they pop in for a look.

I was casting about in my mind for a picture to post here in lieu of a card, some sort of pleasant scenery or something, and all I could think of was the cyclist I saw today, and I didn't get a picture of him either. On that note, have a good night and happy stamping!

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  1. It could have been worse, you could have said, Bad, bad bloggah. And we would have to still lovey you.