Saturday, 19 January 2008

January '08 Virtual Stamp Night

This is VSN weekend! VSN is Virtual Stamp Night on splitcoast, where there are new stamping challenges every hour, with only 45 minutes to do each project. I love these weekends and find that the rapid pace really gets my creative juices flowing. In a way the short time allowance is a bit liberating because there isn't time to dither about stamps, colours, designs, etc. You just have to go for it. There are always great chat threads in the VSN forum and it's fun to meet other stampers on-line. One VSN I even got to be a challenge hostess!

This weekend I've gotten to try some fun techniques like polished stone, stamping on black, and criss-cross cards. I also took the opportunity to make a birthday card for a friend (he's a Simpson's fan - can you guess which card is his?). It's been a lot of fun and I hope I can get the chance to do some more challenges. So far these are the 7 challenges I've been able to complete. The challenges run this afternoon and evening, but you can upload to the challenge galleries until 11 pm (EST) tomorrow night.
If you would like to see the cards with more details, please see my splitcoast gallery. I've listed all the supplies there.


  1. Beautiful cards, Karen! I'm so jealous! I wish I'd been able to have a little VSN getaway... sigh, maybe next time! ;)

  2. The Homer Simpson card is great! I can almost hear him saying, "mmmm...cake." :)