Thursday, 23 August 2012

Anniversary Card

I realized today that if I was going to make a card for my husband for our anniversary, now is the moment.  (It's our 16th anniversary tomorrow.)  Luckily he is out shopping for a tent tonight (I sure hope that #16 is not the year for Rip-Stop Nylon gifts....) so I have the house to myself to do some stamping without him watching over me, commenting on which stamps I should choose, what paper to select, choice of Copics and embellishments, etc.  (It's very hard to inflect typing with irony - I hope you were able to pick it up!)

I made this card in double-quick time (I have class samples to invent and quilt blocks to wrestle), using a heart-flower stamp (Inkadinkado) and sentiment (Flourishes).  The stamp is coloured direct-to-rubber with Distress Markers,  I also spritzed some gold smooch through a Crafter's Workshop Template and doodled around the flower.  I stamped it on a gorgeous Fabriano Medioevalis notecard.  Scrumptious.  These are hard to part with, but since it's him, I guess I will.

He's home now, I'd better feign innocence!  Too late!  He came downstairs and I was floundering trying to minimize the blog screen, then the next screen was the enormous scanned in card, which I had to cover with my hands and part of my shoulder.  I am clearly not cut out for subterfuge and deception!  I guess this is not such a bad thing in the big scheme of things.  He had a good shopping trip (I sure hope that #16 is not the year for Enormous Backpacks...).

Back to duel with the sewing machine!  I am working on my batik quilt and it is the gorgeousness of the fabric and pattern that is keeping me going.  I am determined to defeat complete this quilt.  My near-term goal is to reduce the ratio of seams-sewn to seams-ripped-out to under 1:2.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Happy Anniversary! You crack me up with the typing irony. You inflected it quite well, in fact. :)! I love this one, love, love, love it. Did I mention, I love it? This is so up my alley. Perfectly simple, Karen!! You've totally won the Olympic gold on this one. :D

  2. Sprung!!!
    I have a love/hate thing with secrets and feel jumpy about the subterfuge until the surprise moment....relief. I've so enjoyed "meeting" you, looking around your blog and truly admiring your work, Karen.
    Thanks for your comment. I was a bit alarmed at the degree of ire that my comment raised. I can understand entirely the problem of exchanging numbers of images which I haven't come across before. I'm sure you're right about that.
    Looking forward to further exchange with you now and then.

  3. What a sweet card and adorable story, Karen! Love your love and this card, too. Happy 16th and happy sewing, too.