Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Meadow Birds

Hello!  Here's a card I made last night and finished off this morning.  I fell in love with this stamp when I saw Krista Schneider's sample here and wanted to try it out.  I stamped on the super smooth watercolour paper from Heather's Stamping Haven using India Ink.  The birds, flowers and leaves (stamp by Impression Obsession) were done using the watercolouring with Tombow technique that Krista teaches.  (I am so excited about her upcoming classes!  I love this time of year!)  The birds are accented with stickles too, and there are some dots of Adirondack dimensional pearls in Bottle.  I also edged all the panels in the same green.  I like the look of edged panels and the shadow ink gets a beautiful soft edge to it.  It's crisp enough for a good image, but it also softens ever so slightly.  I quite like the Tide Pool shade on the chartreuse with the background stamp (Hero Arts) - a little edgy and introduces yet another green.  I like to build up a number of shades of the same colour on a card, especially when they are a bit strong on their own.  Somehow having more variety of strong colours lessens the overall impact.  Then adding in a bit of red (opposite on the colour wheel) really makes everything pop.  This is a bright and juicy card! 

Actually, I think all three layers of green are her new greens.  I am really liking her new colours, even if I am sad that they (whoever They are) retired Citron without so much as a by-your-leave.  Time to branch out and try some new things! 

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll try not to be such a stranger.  The real reason I haven't been posting much is my elder daughter has had a big school project to work on and Blogger wasn't letting me log in to my blog - it would go to her account unless I rebooted.  I didn't want to close all her windows (or figure out a fix...let's be honest) so I just avoided Blogger.  Today I tried out Firefox and discovered it works just fine for blogging!  That's great news.  I will be blogging more often now, especially now that the tv shows we've been watching are winding up/over.  Mad Men is a particular favourite, and this season has been really good. 

Thanks (again!) for stopping in to this little corner of blogland. Hope you get some good stamping time.

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  1. This is so sweet you are beyond super talented!