Saturday, 26 February 2011


Hello! Nothing new to post. I have been being very grown up and responsible lately which has meant no time for stamping. This has been about as much fun as it sounds. I am hoping to get back in my stamp cave next week, or sooner if I need a mental health break. I did do a little bit of stamping last night, but it didn't turn out and I didn't have any more of that colour and only that colour would do (I'm sure you know what I mean) so I need to get out and get some more. Happily, I also need to make a run to my LSS for a little treat. I am on a self-reward program where I get a little something from Heather's like a Copic marker or a small stamp, etc. if I work out at least three times the week. I'm just back from workout number three and there are some new Crafty Individuals stamps in stock that are calling my name! I've already used up Feb and March allowance, so these weekly incentives really help me get to the gym. My Feb-March allowance is chugging its way here from Australia so I have no idea when to expect it. It can take 3-4 weeks from the States, so I have no notion of how long it will take to get here from the other side of the world. I get freaked out just thinking about it. (freaked out at the enormity of the distance involved, not freaked out by waiting for stamps. I'm not that obessessed with stamps, well I am, but not in this case. I am actually feeling quite patient and zen about waiting for the order, leaving lots of room in my psyche to freak out about transglobal shipping.)

Well, I have taken enough of your time considering I don't even have something stampy to post. Hope you're able to get some stamping in!

Take care and I'll be back as soon as I can.


  1. Hi Karen!
    What a great idea to reward yourself with some crafting goodies.
    What a shame you ran out of `that` colour and HAD to make a trip to your LSS! LOL! ;)
    I have been cleaning and sorting my craft area. Hoping to finish today so I can reward myself with two days of crafting before I return to work on lucky lotto numbers have not appeared yet!

  2. Wow, such discipline. I'm impressed, go sistah! Can't wait to see what you come up with when your order finally gets to you. :D

    ps- I did it! I finally mastered "commenting 101".

  3. Your treat régime wouldn't work for me lol...I'd be on October by the end of the week and thats without working out rofl

    Well done you though for sticking to it all.

  4. Way to go girl!!! You are an example to us all. Can't wait to see the Australia loot. -Nimmy