Sunday, 9 January 2011

Scrap Sunday 10

I had a few minutes this morning since DD2 and I were home from church with sore throats and a cough. She was sneezing a lot too, so I thought we would just stay close to home. She wanted to do some "blending" (the kids' words for colouring with Tombows and blending with a paintbrush), so I had to clear off a spot for her at the stamp desk. In the pile of scraps I removed, there were these pieces of patterned paper and the embossed velvet piece. They looked nice together so I hunted in my scrap basket for something to go with them and this pear image fair leaped into my hand. Seriously, it was the first thing I touched and I couldn't even see what it was. Spooky! Anyway, I stamped it "collage style" (ie crooked and uneven, adding more to make up for it) and matted it on some coordinating cardstock. I used the light blue (Baja Breeze, SU) to coordinate the pear with the paper. This pear had been my first foray into flocking and had been waiting for an occasion to appear on a card. I finished off the card with a few PTI buttons from the stash. Presto, change-o, done! Today will be a day of tidying and putting away Christmas decorations, so I'm glad I got some stamping in when I could.
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NSR: We went out to see Harry Potter last night. It was pretty good, and I'm looking forward to the next one in July. We rented a great movie on Friday night too, called In the Loop. It was really funny (though the language was pretty extreme, so consider yourself warned), but in a dark sort of way. Apparently it's based on a BBC Television series (In the Thick of It), but it's not one that's made its way to Canada yet. If it does, I would certainly watch it.
Also apropos of nothing, yesterday I made some muffins to use up some languishing buttermilk and oranges. I found a recipe for date bran muffins, and in the absence of dates, substituted figs. They turned out to be delicious! I also added a bit of cloves and nutmeg, and those flavours with the orange zest and juice were very nice. I also used the ends of two bags of chocolate chips (in my experience muffins with chocolate chips get devoured by the children, regardless of how much bran, etc. I have sneaked into the muffins). Altogether, it's quite a pleasing combination, though it was a bit of a gamble. So: figs, orange, chocolate, cloves, nutmeg. Not in any recipe book, but made for a tasty, tender muffin, with the added benefit of putting dried-out oranges and last-day buttermilk to good use.

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  1. I can vouch for the deliciousness of those muffins. They added to our enjoyment of an evening with the granddaughters -- maybe you could post the recipe before it vanishes from memory?
    I love the blue & yellow colour combo on this card.