Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Lamb baby card

A friend of mine from university recently (well, not that recently, but it still feels recent to me) had a baby boy. This is very exciting news and I wanted to send a card and my well-wishes. I don't have a lot of baby stamps because it seemed like all my friends were done having babies. But they aren't, so I had to expand my repertoire of suitable images (more stamps - poor me!). I found this one at my LSS and it has a coordinating word-y image, which I used on the navy background.
I cased the sketch from Krista's summer class (the peapod one) and turned it portrait instead of horizontal. Really this card started out with the alcohol ink polished stone panel and I had a vision of that as the starting point, with soft blues and a dreamy quality. Then I had to colour this little lambie to match (used markers and paintbrush), and then took forrrrr-evvvverrrrr (said with all the dramatic emphasis I can muster) to find some matching blue cardstock to bring it all together. There were some tense moments at the last minute that it all wouldn't fit until my mother, who was visiting, suggested I turn the critical piece 90 degrees and whew! it all came together. (Have I mentioned that I have very poor spatial skills???) Anyway, thanks to my spatially gifted mother, this card all came together. I almost ruined it by over-stickling the sheep, but did you know that you can scrape most of the stickles off once they have dried. In the absence of a carding comb, it is a good way to remove excess glitter from a fleece.
Now I just need to get this and the present in the mail!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is simple beautiful, I so love the colours and especially the stamp, fantastic job Karen it should be framed!

  2. Oh! how I needed your blog! Now everything is right in my world. I've been wondering where you were. I've been thinking you must be terribly busy at work and home. I didn't want to be a greedy groupie but when were you going to post? THEN in my email today was notification of your post. THEN I found I'd missed the TWO previous posts. My cup runneth over. All the cards are lovely as usual. I got my fill of guffaws. Your DH really is clever isn't he? Did you watercolour the layer behind the main image in the India Summer piece? It's brilliant, really a wonderful touch. I'm going to go through my scraps and discard the ones smaller than 1/2" square. I'm so relieved to have permission. Thanks for telling my about Krista. It was such an exhausting enervating weekend. I've reserved my place for June. Whoops. I'm hogging your blog. - Nimmy

  3. Such a great card.. Your friend will love it!!
    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Nimmy,
    Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm always excited to see your name in my Inbox.
    In answer to your question about the watercolouring on the Indian Summer card, I did watercolour around the image, but it's all on the same piece of paper. It looks like it's a background piece, but it's really all one piece of watercolour paper. I used dark brown and brownish purple around the edges, which makes it look like there is another layer in the picture. The patterned papers are both designer paper (Indian Summer by BasicGrey). Other paper is either plain or textured cardstock.
    How's that for a long answer to a short question! (Which is a particular specialty of mine I'm afraid....)