Sunday, 22 February 2009

Public Service Announcement

Me: Do you know where my spray sealer is?
DH: What's spray sealer?
Me: Sealer that you spray on. It's in a spray can.
DH: No, I haven't seen it. (Translation: I still have no idea what you're looking for.)
Me: Well I need it right now. My craft ink is smudging and I need to fix it right this minute! (No translation required as hysterical tone and waving arms tell it all.)
DH: I'm getting the children ready for swimming. Can't it wait? (Translation, dinner isn't ready, we have swimming in less than an hour and can't your "stamping emergency" wait?)
Me: Well can you look for it when you go downstairs to round up the suits and towels?
DH: sigh

...few minutes later

DH: I found your Krylon sealer.
Me: Did it have a silver lid?
DH: Yes
Me: I found that already but I thought it was paint.
DH: No, it says krylon on it. It's your sealer.
Me: (contritely) Thank you sweetie. I'm sorry I freaked out.
DH: (tetchily) Are the meatballs ready?

....later, after swimming lessons, spraying my projects with sealer
Me: *&%!

It was silver spray paint. Turns out Krylon makes paint too. Now my project has a silver mist on it. Fortunately, it actually looks kind of cool, and it will tie in with another silver embellishment. I am somewhat concerned that the project will be too sparkly, or is that stamping heresy??? Still no idea where the sealer is, and am wondering if I even ever had any and am hoping that the light coating of spray paint will seal in the craft ink.

Moral of the story: always check what's in the spray can before you spray....

PSPSA* It pays to be organized: on sad story, DH returned to basement, rummaged for a minute and unearthed Krylon sealer. It was in a bin in the office, where I hadn't looked. Will store them together from now on, labelled, to avoid confusion.

*Post script Public Service Announcement


  1. Karen I feel like I have been here before but in my home. I am sure that it looks fantastic and the best ideas come from mistakes in my mind. Got to run my husband just spilt his coffe all over the floor, see what I mean.

  2. Ha ha! Can you post a picture of it? ;)